Sorting a table by thead column click dsone

How to sort small to medium tables quickly? That's pretty hard. Because sorting has always performance implications. But so does DOM manipulation for a lot of elements.

So, what is better? Changing row * columns innerHTML content, or detaching and re-attaching the DOM rows in the desired order? Doing the sorting just in time, or ahead of time?

This snippet uses an AOT approach by faking a sort on all columns and saving the row's position for a column x sorting, ascending and descending. The result is saved on the tr itself as classes. If a user clicks the thead column, the algorithm checks the corresponding class on the trs, sorts the DOM row elements accordingly and (re-)attaches them to the table.

Improvements might most likely possible in how the table is changed and saving some intermediate steps. But that's perhaps for another snippet.

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Plain JavaScript Sorting Table Algorithm