What is this site about?

This website is home to a random collection of HMTL/CSS/JavaScript code snippets that can be run in your browser. Giving you somewhat more flexibility to show off actually running code.

The snippets are usually based on any combination of these:

  • educational purpose
  • one-off ideas
  • real life encountered questions/problems
  • building proof-of-concepts
  • curiosity / learning
  • testing ideas
  • archiving some piece of code too good to catch virtual dust in your snippet folder on your desktop ...forgotten forever

Built upon Laravel, Bootstrap 4 and a few lines of plain JavaScript.

By the nature of this project, some snippets may be broken, or do not work cross-browser. This is intended. Use Chrome, or a recent Firefox. The only reliable browsers in implementing new ES features in a timely and compatible manner.

But why not use JSFiddle, Codepen, Plunker, etc.?

Those usually expire at some point. The code snippets are dependent on the service being available at all times. You rely on other people basically and have less control.